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The first day
  On the way back from the trout farm, I saw loads of white swan.And ducks in the river,put their whole body into the water, because of short neck, three was just bottoms Floated on the water.After a while a black crochet cotton went into our eyes."Wow"Why was everyone screamed,a black swan!It might be a real story!
Then,we went to the Warwick Castle.We had one hour's free time,we went into the castle. Saw wax statue,and went on a spiral step,they were steep.

The third day
深入这个科学中心,孩子们的欢笑,大人们的拍手叫好渐渐入耳帘。什么pedaling skeleton ,what's up with heather, hyperboloid ,bubble wall都出来啦,我又开心了。

The fourth day
坐在一个长椅上偶然碰见了一位女士,不知道年龄,但是眼角已经被纹上了鱼尾,棕发中已有了几根银丝。但是气质不凡,在还没有交流之前就对她有了尊重。“Hi! Are you Chinese?where do you come from?"她问我们。“yes,we come from Suzhou.""oh! Suzhou is a good place."她难道去过苏州?我心里不禁进行了猜测。接着我们开始谈论起中餐,在我说完后,“Yes I know China very well!"我惊讶的合不拢嘴吧,“have you been to China?""yes ,I do!"她看起来很自豪。“I go to China each year,cut off today, I have been to China for 30 years."我不禁想问她今年几岁,但始终问不出口。“Do you go traveling by yourself?""yes!"不参杂任何犹豫,我惊呆了,简直把她看成了自己的偶像,独自一人周游中国30年!了得!了得!怪不得看起来有着那么深厚的学问,又有崇高的品质。能在这儿遇到她,也是值了!
随之,我们来到了Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh,放眼望去,蓝天与小溪交相辉映,在那绿树丛中不免看到几棵粗壮的,饱经风霜的参天大事。花儿在这其中争奇斗艳,我们漫步在小路上,闻着花的芬芳,倾听鸟的絮语,仰视树的英姿。爱上了这片土地。
The fifth day
After three hours' range of driving, we arrived in York, this city was called "ghost town",but that didn't mind me.  For  a surprise, I saw some old ladies walking through the streets by their crutch. They had lots of wrinkle on their face but they were still healthy.
  The first sight spot is a church, I was amazed ,because this church had got both old and high-tech things.
  When we got out off the church,it rained. But that didn't spoil our interests, we went through the wall, saw many rivers passed by the houses, boats floated on the water, the city was quiet.

The sixth day
 We got up very early this morning because we were going to Cambridge. I expected it very much. Since I wanted to see the Cambridge University. I heard of it in China and some students in our school have even had the chance to a go there. I admired
(敬佩) them so much. So today I really wanted to see how wonderful this university is!
  The school was like a town, there were many collage's scattered 
  For three hours' range of driving, we arrived in Cambridge. This is a modern city but still had a long history. There were Meadows near the lane and we walked in them. breathed fresh air, saw beautiful view. We went across a bridge, the river was flowing(
流淌),people went on wooden boatsalong(顺着)the clear water. Someone with sunglasses lay on the lounge(躺椅)accept(接受)sunshine, they enjoyed themselves.
  And this is time for us to enjoy. We got on the wooden boat. Saw swans passed by with cygnets
(小天鹅). We sat on the boat, listened to the sound of the flowing water. Students in the collage were relaxing, they played on the grass. Even had picnic with their friends. On the waterway, we saw the Cambridge (康桥)remembered a poem. structures(建筑物) beside, had flowers on its wall. Blue sky ,white clouds,clear river, old structureswooden boats, loads of children, happy laughing gather(集聚)together. A lovely picture formed.
  And then it was the most exciting time, we were going to London,The famous capital city.
The  Guide said:"because this is a capital city, people here were having busy lives. So they didn't always do comities(
礼让)."this made me a little upset.but I found a interesting thing, there were many flats downtown(市中心)of London .like the city in China. But they still have thick clouds.
  The bus went on, too many double buses, that was authentic(
正宗的)red London bus. "Slowing down I looked around London and I was so amazed".
  At last, we arrived at Greenwich. The green hills seem went on for ever,  we walked on the path, saw a cute squirrel, clever birds. When we got in, we took photos with a apparatus which could emission (
发射) meridian line (子午线)into the the sky at night.
  It was free time, we played in the meadow. We all had a lovely time there.
  On the way back, we were amazed to see two policewomen riding horses. Black police rode white horse. White police rode black horse. Wasn't that interesting?

The last day
Today was the last day of seven days' trip. And today's plan was full.
The same as other days, we got on the bus, and went to a sight spot.
  But it was an exciting sight spot--Buckingham Palace!
  We crossed the road, British flags were fluttering in the wind,  black motorcycles went zoom. Followed the way, "tap,tap"clops (
马蹄声)came into my ears. We were all amazed,men rode horses with "London hat",the horses had a unified colour, brown.
渐渐地),we saw Buckingham Palace,the flag was on, Elizabeth the second was staying in it, that was a quite exciting news. 
  On the way to the London eye, we walked by Big Ben , the clock was quite delicate(
  We stood in a line to wait. We were going to go into the London eye!
  It's our turn, we went into a "large glass ball",the London eye went around, on the top, we saw the view of London . All famous spot were in our brain, lovely London !




         The first day I we went to Cotswold. There were a lot of ducks and fish there. We fed them and took pictures of fish catching the food. Cotswold was a very beautiful place. After lunch we went to William Shakespeare's house that he lived in before. When I knew that the house was made of all kinds of poo I was so surprised by how do people in the old times lived in houses? The tour guide said that the house is definitely smelly, but people still read in there. I saw a lot of old buildings there. At  last we lived in hotel in Birmingham.


         On the second day we went from Birmingham to Manchester, we went into the Manchester United Stadium. But my home stay family doesn't like Manchester so I didn't buy anything except a pen. Next we went to a boat to watch the beautiful view. I was on the second floor, so it is very cold. But I took a lot of pictures because it was so beautiful. At last we went to the hotel and rest.


         The third day we went from The Lake to Glasgow. We went into the science museum in Glasgow. In there I saw a lot of things that I still didn't know in real life. After that we went to have lunch, then we went to Stirling castle. In there I saw a thing called Castle dungeon. Our group wanted to go in but we need an adult so we can't. I also climbed on the wall , but when there are two roads we always walk on the wrong one. So we went up using 5minutes but went down using 20 minutes. After climbing the tower we went back to the hotel.




The fifth day we went to York city. First we went to the York cathedral, I knew that it is a law to go to church before.  Next we went to the ancient street to buy some souvenirs. Then we went to York castle. There were a lot of places where they have swords and shields. I was thinking that how do they fight  before. There were also a lot of crowns and jewelry there, to present that they had a lot of money before. At last we ate dinner and went back to our hotel.











Forth Day of the seven day trip. Through the modern field, we went to the ancient Edinburgh. We came to The National Museum of Scotland and saw the great essence of Scotland.













Today, I visited the world famous football field. Although I got no idea of what teams are around the world, but I am being surprised by such a big one it is. The words we're wrote in white in the football field red chairs. Only standing far, so you can see the words.



Today is the day for the museum. People are curies creatures, we try to invent, try to know every truth, try to learn as much as we can, to leave knowledge to our children. I learned about magnet, mirror and glass, sight...... This day is a learning day.






Today, I went to the Cambridge University. Students there met many bridges, almost every university get at least one bridge. The school was build up by the river, we sat on the boats.













The second day

Today we first went to Manchester United. We saw a massive football field. I heard a lot of admiration about such massive football field. Then we went to the Lake District. We even went on a ship. The wind on the ship is really strong. I almost was beingblew away by the wind. But the ride is really cool. I really enjoy the ride. Next, we went to the museum of science and industry. It is a really special museum to me. Normal museum often just show us things, but never let us to try it. But in this museum, we have done a lot of experiment. I think this is better than just show us, it made us learn more deeply and more detailed about the knowledge. I really love this kind of way to show us the knowledge. 



The third day

I think today was not busy. We first go to the Sterling Castle. This castle is amazing. It also owns very ancient history. We spend a long time visit this castle, and spend a long time getting shocked and amazed. Then we went to the science museum of Glasgow. It is even more interesting than the museum of science and industry we visit yesterday. When we visit the upstairs, we've done a lot of problems like really difficult problems in Chinese Math. At last, we went to the Lake District of Glasgow. There were cool wind and birds were flying on the water. It is nice and comfortable. And I really enjoy the view.







The fifth day

Today was not busy at all. We went on a very long car ride to York. York is known as the Ghost City because of the Great War, many people died in York. We only go to Church of York. It is similar to other churches but

it is much bigger, and much more magnificent than the other churches. I was tired because of the size of the church. But my feeling is shocked and feeling admiration of this church.




The sixth day.

Today we had got a long drive to Cambridge. We visited different parts of Cambridge by boat. It was really comfortable. The weather was sunny and warm. We chatted and seen the views. There were blue sky and white cloud with singing birds and swimming duck. This is really awesome!



The seventh day

Today we went to Buckingham Palace. This is where the queen lives. It was raining but the rain doesn't stop us from visiting. When I saw the palace, I was amazed by how marvellous the palace is.Then we went to the London Eye. It is a huge Ferris wheel. When we were at the top of the Ferris wheel, the view was really shocking. It was raining, but I feel a different feeling about the view. At afternoon, we went to the museum of Britain. It is more massive than the normal museums. Inside it includes precious things from different countries. I was surprised about so many precious is in the museum. And that is all for today. 

Cici’s diary(时旻羽)


Today, we went to Trout farm, it was very big and beautiful. We played with the trout, we gave them some food, they were very excited.

Then, we went to Shakespeare's home, we listened to music and go shopping, we bought a lot of things.

After that, we went to the Warwick Castle , it was tall and big, we went on the castle, the view was so pretty.

We went to the hotel at last, I was very tired but I was so excited.


Today,I went to watch Manchester United,we took photos together, and we bought things in the shop.

 Then, we went to a Museum, the museum had lots of cars and planes, they were old and big, the museum was great.

After that, we went on a boat, we sat inside it, the view on the lake was fantastic, the trees were green,the lake was blue and clean, I liked this lake.

At last, we had dinner, l had a lovely day.  







2015523 星期六 阴(伦敦)   
赴英修学的旅程转眼间就过去了一半,这些天里,我们与英国的同学一起嬉戏,一起学习;与住家一起生活,一起玩耍。今天对于英国学生来说是期中黄金周(期中考试过后放假一周)的开始,而对于我们来说,却是英伦七日游的第一天。这一天,我不知已经盼了多少天。还有,七日游回来之后,我就要搬到新的住家了。一想到要离开那慈祥的老奶奶,离开那永远都在吵吵闹闹的三只狗,离开那经常被我吓到的豚鼠,我还在真有点不舍。不过比起我现在的激动与兴奋,这些伤感就算不了什么了。我似乎是第一个来的,看学校(出发地)空无一人,还以为自己来迟了,大巴已经开走了呢。谁知我后面还有人,这样我就放心了。大巴肯定还没来,就算已经走了也没关系,至少有同学陪我了。很快,其他人也陆陆续续的来了,老师来了,同学来了,就连大巴上的导游也来了。我心想:天啊!我到底是早到了多久啊? 上了车,向窗外的住家道了再见,就出发了......

  在睡梦中度过了一个小时(这是我第六感估计的时间),总算到达了鳟鱼农场。英国的水就是清澈,致使这里的鳟鱼都生龙活虎。导游给我们鱼食,还没撒下去呢,鱼群就集体围了过来 现在正是午饭时间,鳟鱼们估计是饿坏了,看到丢下来的鱼食,也不顾你我,一个个涌到其他鱼的上面。仅仅的一粒鱼食还没抢到,鳟鱼们已经溅了我们一身水。看来是饿坏了,我心想。因为学生多,尊严也吃的快,两盒满满鱼食很快就没了。没办法,没有鱼食,那就和鳟鱼们拍照吧。大 家都找别人帮自己拍照,一片生机勃勃的景象。


 2015524 星期天 阴(伦敦)
Today is the second day of the trip to London and we go to visit Manchester United and have a look. Manchester United is located in the North West part of England. It was foundedin 1878 and has become the most popular football team in the world. In this this building, we see the medals and trophies the have won in the football games. We also see the football clothes they wore from time to time. And we buy some souvenirs.


Before we eat dinner, we go to the centre of the lake in Manchester in a small ship. It's cold when the ship is going forward, even though there is sunlight. But although it is cold, the scenery of the centre of the lake is beautiful, we take pictures with others, andwe are very happy.




This afternoon, we went to the science museum. There are many fun things in this museum. I know how some of them work, but some are a bit confusing. There are three floorsin this museum, but my teammates and I only look around in the first floor, until it is almost the end, I realize there are more floors than I thought, but it's too late, so I just go back to the coach.


Then we went to Loch Lomond, it is also a lake in Scotland. Some children play duck and drakes, some children fetch stones and rocks, and some children try to chase the birds around the beach, we have an enjoyable afternoon.


2015526 星期二 多云(伦敦)   
  在周围晃了了一圈,总算是到了逛街时间。早就听导游说爱丁堡的围巾,羊毛制品很出名,我打算当礼物送给亲戚。在穿衣服(围巾)的颜色和条纹的选择上,我不太懂哪种比较好看,哪种比较朴素一些(太炫的围巾也不好看)。幸好我们组 有两位女生帮我挑捡,也总算是找到了适合的围巾。其实到现在我还没发现买那么多东西的后果......
  吃完中饭,在stirling castle走了一圈,终于回到了车上。我上车的第一件事,就是把背上的,手上的,腰间的包全部卸下来,吸取了上午的教训,我打算下一个景点只带钱包和手机。在皇家植物园里,因为等厕所,用了一段时间,当我走出来的时候,我的组员们已经无影无踪了。说好的集体去活动的呢?我顿时傻眼了,没办法,我只好一边观赏植物,一边去找他们了。皇家植物园面积很大,差不多也超过了百亩,估计还没看完整个植物园的一半,我就得回去集合了。走在路上,我看见了中国坡三个显眼的汉字, 以及密密麻麻的中文介绍,也不知道上面会有些什么植物。抱着一颗好奇心,我开始向标牌指向的地方走去。通往中国坡的路狭窄而崎岖(其实就是铺了很多又大又滑的石头在路上),途中也没什么人,有时我还真觉得整个植物园就剩下我一个人了。介绍上面说中国坡的高处会有雪莲,可是我寻觅了好长时间,连雪莲的茎都没看见。是季节未到还是花期已过,这个连当地人都不知道(毕竟这是从中国运过来的嘛)。此时集合时间也快要到了,我也只能并不满足地回去了。 2015527 星期三 雨(伦敦)
I can say today is the unluckiest day of the whole trip. We go to York today, it was hot and sunny in the morning, so I didn't bring my coat, but in the afternoon while we are there,little drops of rain begin to fallfrom the sky, and I don't care that much at the first.But then, it becomes heavier and bigger, and turns into a shower. I run as fast as I can to get to a place without rain, and then it's time to go back to the place where we started. I know I won't be able to go back if I don't run through the rain. So as you know, my clothes and shoes get all wet. I thought it's time to go back to the coach right now, but the truth is, we do more walking, and get wetter in the rain! My goodness, what an exhausting day!

2015529 星期五 雨(伦敦)
  到了大本钟那一块区域,雨小了一些,但风还是相当的大的,好几位同学的伞都变成了喇叭(幸好我没带)。现在才知道原来大本钟旁边就是一个教堂,好像英国每一个教堂边都有一个类似大本钟一类的建筑物。站在大本钟的下面向上望,发现它还是挺高的,这种时候,我是多么想要到钟楼里面观察一下大本钟的内 部构造啊,可惜时间不允许,我们也只能拍了几张雨中大本钟的照片,然后,前往下一个景点了
  今天的最后一个景点,也是这次旅途的最后一个景点---大英博物馆,估计看过《博物馆的奇妙夜3》的同学们都会知道这里,因为片中有一半的场景都是在这里拍的。事实上英国国家博物馆(大英博 馆)成立于1753年,1759115日起正式对公众开放,是世界上历史最悠久、规模最宏伟的综合性博物馆,也是世界上规模最大、最著名的博物馆之一。博物馆收藏了世界各地的许多文物和珍品,及很多伟大科学家的手稿,藏品之丰富、种类之繁多,为全世界博物馆所罕见。由于时间有限,我和同学们只能选择一部分看看。我最喜欢的还是埃及馆,里面讲述了古埃及的各种文明,辉煌历史,和伟大人物,当然,还有许多妈妈(木乃伊,在英文里妈妈木乃伊)我们组的女生有些害怕,因为她们知道所谓的法老的诅咒,也想尽快看完。时间满足了她们的要求,再过一会儿就要集合,离开伦敦,结束这次旅途,虽然有些不舍,但想到英国之旅还长着呢,我也就放心了......






Day one

Today, we went to the Warwick castle. This is a big castle . Long time ago. Here is use to protect and attack ,we visited inside of the castle, inside is grass ground.  we played on it. it is very fun. we went to the museum of wax models, all the models look real.


Day two

Today, we went to the biggest stadium in the England, Manchester United stadium, we visited inside of the stadium. inside is all the medal Manchester got, and then we went to field, it is big enough 97000people in itbut it is small than China ‘s stadium. But the funniest thing is shopping the souvenirs shop. many thing I wanted to bought . But if I bought, my wallet will empty.










Today ,we went to a ghost city----York. Everyone scare ghost. And we go to a church, the best thing is church’s window, it is the best thing, beautiful thing. Under the church is a underground “ home”. It is the cool thing ever.


    London 7 day

     Today is the first day of the trip we're all very exited and we get up in the morning at 5:45 and talking about the trip while on the bus. It is a bit tired but the force of the excite is stronger. We met the tourer and it is great so we goes to the fishing pod first the fish is crazy when they saw our fish food. We are also crazy throwing  the fish foods.The next place we goes to is Shakespeare's house and sees some strange people dressed in king and Shakespeare. I bought some post cards. And the street was long, the time isn't enough.The castle we goes last is the best of the day because I've never seen a real castle before and we goes in there high in the air and sees how the warier defenses the other kingdoms troop. It is amazing to be a warier. The first day ends just like that is our sweet dream on the comfortable bed in the hotel.




     The second day is the also awesome George joined us in hotel and we  had fun late at night. the lake park we goes to is awesome the wind is a bit big on the boat but the view is nice. We watched some movies like Disgribe me  and Frozen on the bus.




     The third which is today the day I wrote this diary and we visited the castle first we got some free time and I bought some gifts for my mom. The museum we visited right next is full of magical modern stuffs. The beach with the blue sky is gorges and a second after we're on the bed sleeping like a baby.




   London 7 day Episode 2

     This the last forth day for my London 7 day trip the first second and third day is awesome so I'm looking forward to the last few days.I'll just talk about the most beautiful and important places that I remember. The Edinburg castle in Scotland:  the castle stood in the high air ,its a castle for defense  the cannon which had it head off the cliff is extremely scary I knows that how does the enemy feels when they are attacking and all the cannon points at you with a smoke on it and ready to shoot you, you will probably run away with you pants full of your pee.

The royal mile is long and crazy the goods are very expensive but great quantity, and every has strange people who play the strange instrument that makes screeching sound.

I bought a Scottish cloth for my dad. This is the most important day I've ever had.


     Today we can go wear our own shirt and we're going to York sounds like New York doesn't it.

The best thing is that our own cloth is mor comfortable than the school uniform. York cathedral is very good but it's a rainy day so I am not very happy, I hate rain. The city wall is long and high, I goes in the shop and buys my UK SIM card which named Lebara.


      London, I'm here, today and tomorrow we are going to London and live in Holiday Inn hotel it is a great hotel with UK's top speed Wifi so we can send pictures to our parents to show how was our trip. Everything is alright. 



     The last day, I love this day the royal palace is great and the guardian is awesome and I saw their changing place. The London eye is also huge inside it is very cool and we can see the full vision of London and we crosses the famous river with joy then the last place is British Museum that movie was made it is a Hugh place which I can spent days on and I buys a expensive jewelry for my mom. And we're on the way to home--Worcester  it's a long and tired ride when I get back home I'm exhausted and falls in sleep automatically.

Janey’s diary(朱奕澄)


The second day

Today, we went to Manchester United Football Club first. We visited its football pitch. It is very big with more than 76000 seats. Some seats are red, some are black and some are white. So you can see the chairs of different colours form some words. It is quite amazingThen, we went to a museum. We saw some interesting things there. In the afternoon, we went to the Lakes. We went on a ship. We saw some beautiful landscape.

 The third day

Today, we went to Strling castle first. The castle is in Striling. It is one of the smallest city in England .It is a big castle, we walked inside the castle, it is beautiful. Then, we went to a Science museum. We played some games there. At last, we went to a lake .It is a big lake, and there is a beach too.

The fourth day

Today,we went to Edinburgh. It is the capital city of Scotland and the biggest city in Scotland. First, we went to  apalac which the Queen stays there when she is on holidays. Then, we went to Royal mail. It is really long. We walked though it and went shopping. Next, we visited an art museum. There are a lot of paintings. In the afternoon, we went to the Edinburgh castle and an arboretum. It is a Royal arboretum. It is big, you just can see trees, flowers and grass. And the air is fresh. I like walking there.

I want to go there again.

The fifth day


The sixth day


The seventh day





Day 1

      Today is the first day of the mini trip of Britain. We were very excited to this trip, because this is the longest trip in primary school that we went to only our own. After we said goodbye to the home stay, we went to Bath to fetch the girls. Then we went to a fish farm. It was quite interesting, because we got to see how English people catch a fish. Next we went to the Shakespeare's house. It was one of the places I wanted to go so much. It was a big house and was old. It was disappointing because we weren't able to go into the house as expected. Last we went to a huge castle. It was so beautiful and humongous. The flowers were very pretty and the castle was so big. The day didn't last very long, our first trip ended, and we stayed in travelodge.

Day 2

     Today is the second day of the tour. The most interesting thing today

was going to Manchester United stadium. It was the best thing ever, because this could be the first time and the last time I could go. It was a big stadium. And also it was the first stadium I ever went to. The fun part was shopping in the souvenirs shop. There was so much things I wanted to buy, and also it was sad when I was paying for all the things. It cost ?44.89, my wallet was almost "empty" as I bought lots of things for my father. Next we went to a art museum and took a boat across a river. This was the best day.

Day 3

     Today is the third day of the tour, and today we went to another castle than is bigger than the first castle we went. The best part was the amazing sight we saw on the highest place of the castle. We could saw the view of the whole castle and also the houses that are nearby. I think that it could be placed in the top three best view I saw in my life. After the castle we went to a lake and played with the stones. It is a game where you try to bounce a rock on the lake. But suddenly we started throwing rocks at the ducks. It was fun time.

Day 4

      We went to the last castle we will go to in our trip. It was the biggest castle we ever had gone to. It was so big that we took 4 hours to walk all of it, even if it was tired, but still it was very worth it. Last, we went to another museum, it was a very big science museum. We played lots of science games and had lots and lots of fun. We bought lots of things that are full of science and it was a great day.

Day 5

     Today is the fifth day of the mini tour, and today we went to a museum that is bigger than the one yesterday. It was full of science and also I learnt lots of science from it. Then we went to a church. The windows on the church are the best, because they made it so beautifully. And another part of the church that was good was the underground of the church. It was talking about the history of the church and why the church is made. After that we went to stay in the best hotel, holiday inn.

Day 6

     Today is the last day of our trip. And today we went to see the London Eye and got to have a ride on the London Eye. The best part of it was when we reached the highest point of it. The sight was very beautiful, as we can see a lot of famous buildings from it. We can even see lots of boats underneath the London Eye. But we didn't stay too long, only a while, but still it was very good enough. Last, for lunch, we ate England's fish and chips, it was great.

When we reach home it was 11 and was tired.


First day 2015.5.23
  We are start our trip today,I am very excited to have a trip through England and Scotland.We went to Bath to pick up the girls,then we went to the fish farm,there's lots of fish.After that we went to Shakespeare's old house,we went to shopping after that, I bought some souvenirs.Last,we went to Warwick Castle,and the castle is big and beautiful,there's some fake people underground,and I bought a pen that looks cool. We have the break at Travelodge,and our first day is finished.

Second day 2015.5.24
  This day let so many people that like football being excited because we went to Manchester.Everybody in this team saw all the trophy that Manchester have.The court is so big that can let more than ten thousand of people sit inside. The interesting Industrial Museum is came next,there's lots of old vehicles inside,and there's another one beside it and we play in it.We went to boating at afternoon,most of people thought that's very cold on the boat, only Gallant and me thought that's ok.I was living with Kevin and Jared this night,we have to sleep together for three days.

Third day 2015.5.25
  Today was the castle day again,the castle today is Stealing Castle.I think the castle is more beautiful than Warwick Castle because there's more rooms than Warwick Castle.There's some of the drawings of the queen and king,and some of them is about amazing views.At the top of wall,there's some big cannon,and I sit on it for photo.There's lake again,but we are not boating this time,we were playing naught for about an hour,and I was collect beautiful rocks for ten minutes,I thought that lake is big and beautiful.We went back to the hotel,an interesting day is over.

Fourth day 2015.5.26 
  Lots of painting was coming this day,we went to a painting museum that has more than hundreds of paint.My favorite one is the rainbow cross the sky and there's some lighting.The most famous castle is coming next,it's Edinburgh.In the Edinburgh,there's lot of relics,my favorite one is a sword that looks very     
cool,and there's crown and wand.There's a room that has lots of sword,I was very like that room.The cannon is put on the walls like the other castles.We went to Royal Garden,it's  begin at almost night time,we had an hour to walk in the Royal Garden so many plants is growing there, some of it is so big that I need to see the top by looked up and some squirrels was came to the road. I took some pictures of squirrels because they were so cute.We were so tired that I sleep on the bus most of time because we walk most of the time.

Fifth day 2015.5.27
  We went back to England from Scotland,then we went to York this time. The church at York is more bigger than Worcester,and I knew that  the church is similar to each other.Every church has a basement that can protect people,and lots of old things is inside the basement.Then we went to walk on the walls,but I thought the walls is not very good because people can climb up very easily. We change the place to sleep and I will sleep with Ryan this night.

Seventh day 2015.5.29
  This is the last day of our trip,first we went to Buckingham Palace, it's very spectacular,especially the horses we saw beside Buckingham Palace.My favorite part of this whole trip is London Eye,when I go top of it, I am little scare and exciting,but it's still my favorite part. We bought some souvenirs of London Eye. The last place we went to is The British Museum,I bought a necklace that I think is very beautiful,and we saw some relics in the museum.The trip is finished,and we took 5 hours to go back to Worcester.


 第一天— Today we went to Biburyand then Costwoldwe fed fish thereall the fish came here to eat the foodit was funThen onto Shakespeare 's houseit is old but peacefulI like the place it is beautiful. Last we went to Warwick Castle, it is really big and it is fabulous! Finally we have our dinner, and rest in Birmingham.


第二天— 第二天我们前往了曼联足球场,那里真的非常大,座位因为多还十分有创意的用颜色拼出了标志与字,这一天的旅程中最有意思的就数工业博物馆了,里面好玩儿东西很多,有测试你长大后样貌的机器、有模拟过山车,一个个都让我大开眼见。之后我们去了湖区和一个小镇,一点就这么过去了。


第三天— 今天我们就在格拉斯哥玩,去了那里的科技博物馆。去了一个Striling Castle,我们走着走着迷路的,不知道就漫无目的的走着,终于找到了一个超市,不过还一定要一个大人陪着,我们心里难免有些生气与失望,最后只好静静的坐在长椅上等待。在那里的湖区欣赏风景,感受当地的人文风光,感觉却很惬意。这一天还算轻松,就是车程比较多。这天没什么意思。


第四天— On the fourth day, we went to Edinburgh, we visited there a whole day ,we went into the castle,the castle is really really big,I felt kinda confused how can it be this big! Then we went to a museum in Edinburgh ,the museum let us know the history of Edinburgh. After lunch we went to a place full of flowers and grass,it is super big and super beautiful,I like it a lot.We also have a fabulous dinner, the last thing is to go to bed and have a good sleep! By the way,this was a wonderful day!


第五天— 已经第五天了,我们从爱丁堡日理万机来到了约克,来到了约克的一个大教堂,这可真的是一个大教堂!还有地下室!之后去了一条在市中心的商业街,这一天还是坐车居多,然后也没什么了,回去洗洗睡吧。


第六天— Today we went to Cambridge, it is a really famous university, and we visited the colleges by a boat, it is a peaceful and beautiful university, I really like that. My favorite college is the Kings College,it is really big! After that we went to London,visited lots of different places.


第七天— 这是七日游的最后一天了,之后就要回家了,我们来到了伦敦最有标志性的地方,或者来英国必须来的地方,在大本钟拍照留恋,虽然下着雨,但也有我们留下的印记。之后在行走中,在雨中,我们去伦敦眼,俯瞰着一片地,好似那就是我的梦,看着伦敦的全景,那是如梦幻般的景!之后我们去了大英博物馆,哪里有埃及馆,中国馆等,还是很有意思的。终于在短短七天中此刻我们结束了旅程,画上了一个圆满的句号!


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