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     I'm so happy that I'm flappy!
     Today is not a special day because I break Hanley Castle High School's record.
     In China technology wins everything and math is the main part of everything, so it is quite hard. But in England it is different, their 9th grade math equals our 3rd grade math. It is so easy that I wanted to cry.
     Today we're learning about shapes that have line symmetry, we use three shapes to make shapes that have line symmetry. Mr.Chapman Said that if you make 10 is good 20 is brilliant 30 is genies o
ur record is made by a 7th grader which made 36 out of them.
The shape is: a square a rectangle and combined square and rectangle.
     Actually at first I thought to reach 36 is impossible but when I get on doing that I reached 21 easily, and then, my brain doesn't work, until the teacher gives us a hint and then my buddy also helps me and I made a big success in it. I reached 48 automatically, but ideas are floating in my brain, unfortunately, the bell ring and I had to go on to other class.
     But I believe that I will make much success on next clas
s! (张铭哲)

Today is really fantastic. We had our class as normal. I had math, textiles, PE, and English. The things we learned in math which is prime numbers is really easy to me. Michael even found two mistakes that the teacher said. I do the practices really quick and I got it all right. In textiles, I design cloth. I think it is really fashion. In PE, we do athletics. I don't really like it. We run and jump a lot. In English, they had a test which we don't need to took, instead we read in the library. At evening, we had a BBQ at Hanley. I met all my Chinese friend. We sing and dance. The performances we performed received a really good applause. Later I play tag with Noah and Jemma and even my home stay dad. We really had joyful time.(冯田琪)

一个星期又过去了,转眼间,又到了周五。这一个星期都没有什么有趣的事,总算是盼到了星期五了。这一天下午,将会有一场烧烤大会。我真希望上午的时光能快点过去,立刻就能到下午五点(烧烤大会开始的时间)。其实上午也并不是那么无聊,至少有一节体育课。这一节课是上的网球,一开始,英国老师就让我们自由组队。因为对于英国的其它同学不是那么熟悉,所以没人和我组队,幸好有中国同学和班主任的陪伴与帮助,总算是进入了一场中国对战英国的队伍。中国队伍是两个技术一般的学生+一个连网球都没碰过的我+一个时而摄像,时而比赛的班主任,英国队伍却是四个高水平的学生。好像一开始我们就没了获胜的希望,站在前面到同学发球发到地上,从网下面滚到了对面,场面比冬天还冷,对面发高球,站在最前面的学生挥网球拍,没打到,第二个同学也没打到,到了我时,我用尽全力,一挥---球没打到,拍子飞了出去,最后还是摄像老师接到了球,但还是打到 了网上,看来回国后得恶补一下网球技术了。

"BBQ,BBQ,I,love BBQ!""Martha ,stop saying Barbecue!My mouths is watering! "BBQ?Yes,BBQ.Please believe your eyes,because we are going to have BBQ.I'm looking forward to it so much,just think about it:grass,sausage,dancing,singing,maybe some joking!After a while,we arrived at the school.We are so excited so we had a long talk to our classmates.But it's food time!Everyone stand in line and wait for their turn.When I'm having my burger, the teacher asked Hope and I to do the lama song ,so , you know,we did it quickly and continue eating.The boys did the dance.It's a fun day.(朱迪)


BBQ! I love it! Today, I had BBQ with my Chinese friends. I was very excited.
At half past five, we went to Hanley Castle High School.I played with my friends, we laughed loudly, and we set on the lawn.
I ate a hamburger with pork, onion and cheese, it was very delicious. After that, I still felt hungry, I had a yummy hot dog, the sausage was very nice and I drank cola too.
I enjoyed the day, it was very fantistic.(时旻羽)



After running,BBQ time! We went to a garden in the school . A strong but lovely smell fluttered in the air.Someone was baking bread,sausages,pork,garlics and so on.                   We looked at them with greedy eyes, wanted them came into our mouth.                           Turned around ,chocolate muffins,strawberry tarts,lemonade and juice,cups piled up .How hungry I am!Babeque began! We stood in a line to get hot dogs or hamburgers,Ellen squeezed ketchup on her hot dog,I took a hamburger with lemonade.Suddenly ,two Chinese students sang in the middle,everyone looked at them and clapped their hands.I was a little worry,so I wanted Chalotte and Martha to sing the lama song ."Happy lama,sad lama ......"everyone was laughing,including us .(张心悦)


今天一觉就睡到10:30,完全忘了昨天party时,跟朋友说好他到我家10:15的时候,足足让朋友Kiran等了15分钟。我和他是是通过住家认识的,比Harry阳光多了。我们一起跳到了蹦床上,仰望这天空,发呆。。。。“命运不掌握在自己手上啊”我还真不知道今天要干嘛。Harry出去徒步了,把我掉在了家里,幸好让Kiran来了,要不然我会有多boring啊(不敢想下去)。“几个时辰以后”,Kiran和我开始蹦床ing,我们都是有冒险精神的人,我们创了很多难度系数很高的动作,sea drop、front flip、side flip。。。。玩尽心了。我们跳下了蹦床,来到了房间内玩起了wii。后面就去了上山。这一天还不错。(徐恺石)


 Today we are having a BBQ with our home stay. I waited impatiently for the school to end and reached the BBQ. After "five years" of waiting, I finally got to went home from school. Then we went to BBQ with the home stay. We started talking and started eating our tasty hamburger. First, I ate two whole hamburgers, and lots of coke. The first hamburger I eat was with BBQ beef, and the second we eat was with pork. It was so delicious. I wanted to eat more but my stomach is full. Then, we started to dance and sing to the home stay. Last, we played with our friends, after times of laughing and talking, we went back home. I was a very tired day to be honest.(蔡嘉骏)

 Today we are having a BBQ with our home stay. I waited impatiently for the school to end and reached the BBQ. After "five years" of waiting, I finally got to went home from school. Then we went to BBQ with the home stay. We started talking and started eating our tasty hamburger. First, I ate two whole hamburgers, and lots of coke. The first hamburger I eat was with BBQ beef, and the second we eat was with pork. It was so delicious. I wanted to eat more but my stomach is full. Then, we started to dance and sing to the home stay. Last, we played with our friends, after times of laughing and talking, we went back home. I was a very tired day to be honest.(蔡嘉骏)

 We have a really repletion day today. In the morning, Martha,Dad,Judy and I put up a enormous tent with hard work. I missed the trampoline,so I went on to it, bounced !bounced!sit!bounced! Martha taught Judy and I lots of tricks to jumped on the trampoline. For example, "superman!"Martha jumped higher than the fencing of the trampoline, and then use all her power to flip on it, and did a sculpt of superman again.                 Unintentionally , I saw a paddling pool near the trampoline, this was the first time I saw it. The pipe carried water to the pool, after we change our clothes, a war between Martha and us began! Martha picked up the pipe, aimed at me, "oh no!"I slipped in the pool , and fell in the cold water. But ...I still trashed at Martha. She ran out of the pool, I thought she was afraid, but I should know that Martha won't be afraid of anything. She carried a huge orange bag into the water. And filled water into it, then she sat in, water covered her knees."Cold..."she was shivering . We all did so after her, I nearly went froze. That is not the end, she brought some floating plates, poured a little washing-up liquid in it made it more smooth.And jumped on the plate,whoosh! Water went splashed !        What a lovely day!(张心悦)

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